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Protect Your Energy

July 9, 2018

There are two types of people in this world, the ones who leave you feeling a little bit more inspired and upbeat and the ones who drain your spirit and who I personally avoid at all costs. Which one are you? Now I think anyone of us has the potential to be either but who you consciously attempt to be is in your hands. So just in case you’ve just discovered someone or something has been depleting all of your spirit or maybe it’s been you (it happens).


 Here are four things I do to pick my energy back up.


  • GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! Or if the problem is you, check yourself immediately and get away from the ones you’re bringing down.


  • Get back in touch with nature, in any form. You don’t have to run away to an isolated cabin for a month and live off the grid (not judging if you do) but taking a walk in the morning before most people up tend to be enough for me. 


  • Pay attention to the content you are taking in. Is everyone on your Instagram or Twitter feed talking about how much they hate their lives? I would consider doing a social media sweep and have no mercy and unfollow/mute all the pessimistic bullshit or just start looking for better, more positive accounts to follow.


  • Go all out for a passion project! Think of something creative or fun you used to do or something you’re passionate about and dive in. It could be spending hours in a bookstore and finding new books, creating a vision board, or making a new playlist. Okay, so I just listed everything I’d do but you see where I’m going with this. Spend your time enjoying the now.


Realize the power you have and start taking ownership of the energy in and around you.






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