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October 16, 2017



I decided to dedicate an entire post to a topic most creatives don’t usually bring up. I’m talking about that weird “blah” feeling you get when trying to come up with new content - the infamous writer’s block (cue dramatic music). Admitting is the first step right, or is that not how this works? To add to this, I had to take a 4 day break in between to finish this so you can tell writing isn’t spilling out of me like a river.


I guess all you can do in these periods is take in content you enjoy, discover new muses and build up your imagination along the way without the pressure to produce work of your own. Because when it finally clicks and you get an idea that bursts into your mind and knocks down the heavy door that is writer’s block, it’ll be so liberating and authentic! Going forward I won’t be so hard on myself and encourage everyone else to do the same because I plan on creating for the rest of my life and this is just the beginning so let me not spoil the fun and passion. I might come back and put together my own list of ways I handle a creative block so be on the look out!






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