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Stick to the Plan or Make Your Own Path?

August 28, 2017


  That is the question that I keep going back and forth with. Whose rules do I play by? By nature I lean more towards doing what I want and what feels right to me. The older I get, the harder this seems to be and the more complicated it gets. You assume the people who hate you or are against you are the ones who would be the ones discouraging you from being who you are but sometimes it’s the mother who is just scared for you or the father who can’t seem to wrap his head around you not doing it his way. Their “advice” can be the reason you’re so confused about what you want to do with your life, because their opinion carries a lot of weight but you need to listen to your own voice in order to be happy. This journey will piss a couple of people off, you may lose some friends or at most, approval from important people in your life but as I just pointed is your life, not anyone else’s.



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