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Fuel the Fire

August 15, 2017

I made a comparison between couples feeling like they are losing “the spark” in their marriages and my waning enthusiasm for a couple of my passions. In any relationship I think you must be active in feeding it, with love,compassion, understanding, ect … just like your passions in life. You must constantly be adding fuel to the fire in your heart that makes you love what you love. Reading inspiring books, talking to and meeting new people who share your interests are a few things you can do to be active in your life to keep that spark alive and well. Many of us have passions or say we “used to love” doing certain things but can’t find the reason we stopped doing those things if asked, other than the overused excuses like “life happened” or “I don’t have time”. This is a reminder to myself and hopefully anyone reading this that being mindful in your own life and taking care of yourself is making sure you are listening to your heart and doing the things that make you feel ALIVE.








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