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"Do what you love."

July 31, 2017

Who do you listen to?

The words “Do what you love.” “Follow your passions.” and even “Money won’t make you happy.” need not to be cute concepts to be pushed aside and discredited as pragmatic solutions to the crazy world we live in today- where the formula to a content state of being is found in objects and social class but instead how we choose to get by on this earth. Following the crowd was a means of survival in it’s truest state - when we were living in caves. Someone or a group of people created a blueprint to surviving and we all followed because our life depended on it. We as humans evolved and are not in an immediate state of danger but we so fiercely stick to the plan given to us by default and don’t tend to question whether or not it fits us and gives us the best path for our deepest wants in life. We are lost in this world when we CHOOSE to accept that we have no choice in the matter - and to that I ask are you living or just alive?



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